Missions Page

List of missionaries that we support

~Go into all the earth and preach the good news . . .


Millgrove Bible Church's Missions Committee actively brings news from the mission fields to the congregation along with a monthly booklet of missionary letters and updates.

Missionaries are carefully chosen and need to meet a strict criteria for their support. Each of our supported missionaries are required to correspond with the committee and the church in a timely manner. Letters are sent annually to each missionary to determine if their mission is still qualified for support.

In addition, the committee meets monthly to conduct business and arrange visits from our missionaries, update photos of the missionary families and, in general, to be of assistance to the congregation and the missionaries, by prayer and encouragement.

Several other missionaries are our prayer partners. Each request for prayer is met during Prayer Meeting, in the news bulletin and also by 'Missions Moments' given by a committee member during the worship service on Sunday mornings. A monthly prayer calendar is also available to pray for an individual mission each day of the month.


Current missionaries Millgrove Bible Church supports are:

Missionary Organization Location
Gabe & Judy Agostini Ripe for Harvest Peru
Ron & Brenda Barnes Source of Light USA
Glen & Dorothy Budd ABWE Peru
Rodney & Kathy Duttweiler UWM South Africa
David & Lisa Grainge InFaith USA
George & Karen King ABWE Canada England
Sergey Kontorovich Chosen People Israel
David & Phyllis Schmid Crossworld Haiti
Stacey Trobman Chosen People Israel
Dan & Rith Uttley Score Int USA


Current missionaries for whom Millgrove Bible Church provides prayer support only:

Missionary Organization Location
Chechowich, Leon & Ann   Russia
Cole, Elaine   NY, USA
Davis, Greg & Debbie JAARS  
Dix, Glenn SOL  
Duttweiler, Jessica Mercy Ships  
Hackett, Jeff & Cindy SCORE Int'l  
Hempel, Carl CRU  
Larson, David & Beth Int'l Students  
Manta, Don & Ruth Int'l Students  
McVay, Jim & Lula   Alabama, USA
Seneca Gospel Mission Seneca Gospel Mission  
Stauffer, Don GOM Canada
Urban Christian Ministries Urban Christian Ministries  
Whitney, Rod & Jamie Word of Life  
Wisniewski, Joe & Nicole GOM Olcott, NY
Bliss Summit Camp Bliss Summit Camp  
Haitian Pastors Haitian Pastors  
Navajo Pastors   Flagstaff, AZ, USA
Circle "C" Ranch