Joining Millgrove Bible Church

New Members:

Membership has its privileges…and responsibilities.

MBC consists of believers who love the Lord and want to serve Him and His people according to their calling and gifts. Joining the church is one way we pledge our commitment to Christ and His body.

From our constitution:


Section 1. APPLICATION: Any person professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, giving satisfactory evidence of having been born again, and adopting the same rules of faith and practice held by this church, by the vote of the Elders and Pastor shall be recommended to the Church for membership. Such person may be received into membership after receiving a favorable majority of the vote of the members present. Rom. 6:1-4

Section 2. REQUIREMENTS: Any person may be admitted into the membership of this church as provided above in Section 1, by profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Even though we strongly encourage obedience to God's command to be baptized as stated in Article III, section 15A, we do not require baptism for membership.

For additional information regarding membership please click on Our Church Constitution.

Anyone considering membership is encouraged to speak with the pastor or one of the elders. All membership candidates are asked to participate in four membership classes taught by the pastor and/or an elder. Following successful completion of the classes, the candidate will be interviewed by the elders. At an appropriate time, the recommended candidate will be brought before the congregation and voted into membership.