Welcome to Millgrove EPIC Youth Group

We live in a high-energy, activity-packed, go-until-you-drop kind of world. What is worse is that our world not only provides this environment, but encourages us to live this way. With everything around us urging us to go faster and faster, it is difficult to take the time take the time to get to know God. Just like any relationship that we might have here on earth, our relationship with God does not just happen. It is something that develops over time and must be pursued purposefully. That is where EPIC youth fits in.

EPIC stands for Everyday Pursuing Intimacy with Christ. At EPIC youth, the teens are challenged to take their Christianity beyond church attendance and "I've always been here" complacency. Our goal is not only to encourage them to take time to seek Christ in this busy world, but also to give them the tools to do so through Bible study and prayer. Through group activities and opportunities to serve, the teens grow closer together and begin to understand what it means to be an active part of the body of Christ. Teenagers who take the time develop a close, intimate relationship with Jesus and his church grow up to be adults who know how step back from their busy lives and make time for those things that are truly important.

Nightly Schedule

We meet every Monday Night at Millgrove Bible Church
unless otherwise announced. 

      6:00 - Students Arrive, Open Gym
      6:15 - Prayer
      6:25 - Lesson
      6:55 - Small Groups
      7:10 - Organized Activity
      7:40 - Open Gym/Snack
      8:00 - Student’s Depart

Core Components

  • Weekly Lessons that are geared toward some aspect of one or more of the following concepts: 1) How to be saved, 2) What it is that we believe as Christians, and why, 3) What it means to walk with Christ, and 4) How to develop a deeper relationship with Christ. We also take opportunities to delve into those things that youth face in today's world. We use a combination of my own teaching and curriculum from rightnowmedia.com.
  • Service projects are designed to allow students to make meaningful impacts in our church and surrounding community. These service events also provide opportunities for evangelism.
  • Monthly events are planned with the purpose of developing fellowship.

Upcoming Events

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