We are an independent Bible church. We have no formal affiliation with any external organization.

From our constitution: (Article 1 - Organization)

Section 1. This Church shall be known as the Millgrove Bible Church, an independent church, answerable only to God, the Father of Jesus Christ, for its action.

Section 2. In all matters of discipline, order and policy, the New Testament shall be its authority.

We are a congregational-led church as prescribed by our constitution. The members of the congregation choose leadership, determine budgetary priorities, and provide input on matters of policy.

The elders with the pastor provide the vision of the church and “have the general oversight of the welfare of the church.” They seek to lead the church according to will of the Head of our Church, the Lord Jesus Christ (Col 1:18). They follow His will by biblical precept, through prayer, and according to the dictates of the constitution. Our Church Constitution